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.:Kidnap:. by aiki-ame

I find this peace quite lovely I love the detail and the bright colors. I love the look on the girls face cause personally I can feel t...



                                The Nameless

      “In the depth of the Holy City there is said to be a city of its own, known as the ‘City of the Fallen’. Its location is known to only a rare few of the surviving Ancients. The city is said to be guarded by a woman called Eve. Little is known about her or what the corrupted city harbors. There is only one thing we know that dwells in the city... a great power is hidden there. A power greater than that of the Sword of Fate… Well that’s all for tonight young ones, time for you to go to bed.” Fallen Elder Jiro said before he closed the ancient book whose pages hung by a thread.

      “But, Elder Jiro what about the story?” a voice broke the crowd’s dead silence Jiro chuckled and set the raggedy old book down. He used his withered sword to walk and headed towards the source of the outburst. The crowd backed away escaping Jiro’s grasp, leaving the culprit in front of Jiro. Jiro towered over the small boy and the only thing that stood between the two of them was Jiro’s withered sword. His faded gray eyes met with the boys bright gold ones, a bright smile creped up on the man’s face. The man’s smile had vanished, returning to his usual stoic expression.

        The boy stayed silent and looked up at him in awe his raven hair concealing the scars he beared; the boy looked down remaining silent. Jiro gently forced the young boy to look up at him he smiled at him reassuringly the boy faintly smiled back. “Now what might be your name young Fallen? You were so talkative before what’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Jiro asked the young boy. The boy looked up at him and whatever trace of a smile faded to a twisted smile. “My name? I don’t have one. Title I’m just a knight not a Fallen like you Elder Jiro. You already know that so why ask such a tedious question, or did you ask to make a mockery of me?” The boy asked Jiro the crowd surrounding them gasped and glared at the child.

       They gathered stones and their swords a tall man broke out of the crowd and headed towards the child with his sword in hand. “Leave this place at once you nameless knight, how dare you question Elder Jiro?” The man questioned him as he and the crowd kept heading towards the boy. The boy kept his twisted smile and looked up at him. The man glared at the boy. “It is cowards who ask questions and result to violence for answers. Real men ask questions and get answers,” the boy retorted  as he stuck his tongue out at the man. The man looked down at him and rose his sword at him. The man ground his teeth and swung at the boy. The boy closed his eyes bracing himself for the blow that never came. “Change sword!” Jiro said as he pushed the boy out of the way. He heard a sharp metal clang and slowly opened his eyes.

       “Now Kairos did you really believe that I would ever let you strike a child?!” Jiro asked as he shattered Kairos’ sword with one fatal swing. Kairos glared at the Elder as the remains of his sword vaporized. The crowd stared at Jiro’s sword once withered and dull now had returned to its former glory. “Jiro have you lost your mind? He is a knight and a nameless one too. He does not belong with the Fallen. No one will want him, let alone take him in. It must be disposed of!” Kairos exclaimed as his hands formed tight fists. Jiro smirked as he stepped close to Kairos he slowly stepped back and Jiro erupted into laughter. His laughter filled the the silent courtyard. “Oh Kairos you naive fool. Your ruthless brutality is the reason you will never be my successor! If no one wants him that’s fine. I shall take him then. Fallen or Knight he is still but an innocent child.” Jiro said as he looked at the dumfounded crowd and smirked.

       “That’s absurd could it be that you’ve gotten soft or has time finally caught up to you Jiro?” Kairos asked as he plastered a smile on his pale scar-ridden face. “Not one bit. I think I’ve gotten stronger actually. The only weak one here is you Kairos. Now off with all of you it’s getting late!...Except for you nameless knight follow me.” Jiro said as he smiled waiting for the crowd to diminish. Jiro looked at the boy and beckoned him to follow him.  The little knight followed quickly after him with the book  in his hands. They reached a dense ominous forest and headed deeper into it until they reached a large clearing with a large waterfall. The knight gasped as a small smile creeped up his face. “Great isn’t it, but wait this isn’t even the best part. Come on kid.” Jiro said as he entered the mouth of the large waterfall  

        He passed through with ease and waited for the knight to pass through. The boy came through and looked around the dwelling hidden in the mouth of the waterfall. He noticed the large arsenal that covered the cave’s walls and the bookshelves that stood next to them. The boy looked at the book in his hands and noticed an empty slot on the top shelf of the book shelf and tried to reach it. Jiro looked at the boy astonished by his childish antics. “Not much of a talker I see how about you let me put that away from you?” Jiro asked the boy as he reached for the book in his hands. The boy backed away from him and clenched on to the book tighter. His expression darkened as he looked up at the old man. “Don’t you dare act like you know me and tell me why!” The boy proclaimed as his body began to shake Jiro looked at the boy and hugged him. The boy froze slowly loosening his grip on the raggedy old book Jiro smiled at him and picked up the book slowly returning it to it’s slot. “I can presume that you are done playing coy now child?” Jiro asked as he flicked the child’s forehead. The boy slowly nodded his head.

       “Good because I like the stuck up brat better maturity annoys me. Now why what kid?” Jiro asked as he slowly sat on his tattered wooden chair. “Why are you nice to me, and why did you save me?” The boy asked as he looked up at him his golden eyes returning to their natural state. Jiro rested his chin on his hand looking at him and smirks as he cleans his sword. “Well I saved you because I honestly wanted to help you. But is it a name that you desire there are only two ways to achieve that if it is what you seek.” Jiro said as he pointed his sword at him the boy shook his head and looked at him. “I don’t seek a name if it’s given to me by the King or the Oracles or the Ancients those names are cursed. I want to have an actual fate not live the rest of my life nameless and fateless like the rest of the nameless. Plus if I had a name I would be living a predetermined life and I don’t want that or any of this. If I could escape Eden I would. Can you help me Jiro?” The boy asked him Jiro smiled and threw his sword at him. The knight stepped to the side and caught the sword the boy glared at him and lunged towards him with the sword. Jiro pulled out another sword and blocked his attack.

     “You show promise kid you know that right? I think I can help you from now on you must call me Father Jiro, Father, and maybe Papa…maybe… You’ll be my son and I will show you all I know.” Jiro smiled as he patted the boy’s head the boy looked at him dumbfoundedly. “Enough with the jokes old man why do you want to raise me anyways?” The boy asked as Jiro turned his back to him. “Hm… I shall call you Mamoru you’ll probably need a new surcoat and other things but those we shall worry about later we shall start your training when I wake up tomorrow.” Jiro said as he yawned the Mamoru glared at him. “Have you even been paying attention this whole time old man?!” Mamoru asked frantically as he headed towards Jiro. “Jiro chuckled and looked down at him and picked him up. “I am 145 I can choose to pay attention to whatever I want. For a nine year old you sure are disrespectful we’ll have to work on your manners now too. Raising you will probably be the biggest mission I’ve ever worked on.” Jiro said as he wrote something down on a scroll Mamoru sat on the chair and crossed his arms around his chest. He bit his lower lip while his left eye started twitching. Jiro looked up from his scroll and poked Mamoru’s right cheek. “Mamoru that’s now way to speak to your father. What’s with the face did I say something wrong?” Jiro asked as he hid his face in the scroll to conceal his smile as Mamoru’s face turned into various shades of red. “You know perfectly well why I’m making this face.” Mamoru said as he shot daggers at his newfound father.

       “Alright, alright I see your short tempered too you are turning out to be everything a parent fears. Just let me take a couple of notes and I’ll explain everything to you...Hm….We could work on this… and this…. and this especially… Okay I am ready. There are four reasons why I am going to raise you. Reason number one is fairly simple you were different. You spoke up and have some sort of free will and that is rare in this place. Second you made Kairos look like and idiot and that is something I enjoy. The third reason is well I was bored. Now for the most important reason your eyes.” Jiro told him as he put the scroll away and reached for an ancient book. “What do you mean by my eyes that isn’t very specific, and what do you mean by you were bored?!” Mamoru asked as he raised his sword at him Jiro stared at him and flicked his forehead. Jiro opened to a page in the book and showed it to him. The page showed a picture of what looked like a mask the boy looked up at Jiro with a puzzled look on his face.  Jiro sighed in relief as he shut the book in his face. “Now tell me what did you see boy that managed to calm you down?” Jiro asked as he rested his left arm on Mamoru’s face as he turned to another page in the book and showed it to him. This page had images of the Holy city and the image gets absorbed into darkness and the image of a tall figure wearing the mask stares back at him. Mamoru slams the book shut and backs away from Jiro.

       Jiro walk towards the boy and looks at him then frowns and shakes his head and looks down at him. “I’ve had enough fun messing with your mind for today now sit down and I’ll explain everything I know.” Jiro said as he beckoned him to sit on the ground as he sat on his chair. Mamoru looked at him then quickly sat down. “Alright what do you mean by my eyes? Where can I find the City of the Fallen?” Mamoru asked as he looked up at Jiro smiling sinisterly impatiently taping his fingers waiting for k,

}”?a response. Jiro leaned back on his chair and smirked. “You are so predictable but I am a man of my word. Now then your eyes are golden no nameless has golden eyes black or red maybe but never gold.The only ones in Enden with golden are eyes are the royals and the heads of the Elites bear golden eyes. It is a trait that belongs to those who are either meant to rule the Elites or rule the universe, but to be honest anybody could rule those arrogant Elites. Don’t you see you’re special.” Jiro smiles and looks at Mamoru the boy smile and starts to laugh. His laugh turns more sinister Mamoru looked at him with a twisted smile on his pale face. “It’s my turn to laugh Father Jiro! I am just a nameless little knight maybe it’s some sort of fluke. If my fate is supposedly so special then why am I a nameless knight, and what was up with that cursed book of yours?” Mamoru asked as his eyes darkened again Jiro looked at him in shock. “What did you see tell me now!” Jiro said as he shook Mamoru trying to calm him down. He pushes him away and smirks.

       “I saw a mask one I have seen only once, the mask of the Demon Lord, and the Holy City dissolved into darkness and corruption. I can see it now this age of endless twilight shall finally end only to be overcome by eternal darkness led by the Demon Lord.” Mamoru said as he looked at Jiro and smiled Jiro looked at him and slapped him. Mamoru fell to the ground and looks up at him his eyes returned to their original stated and his smile disappeared. He rubbed his cheek glaring at Jiro he grabbed a knife and threw it at him. Jiro smirked and caught it with his middle finger and index finger and threw it right back at him barely missing his throat. “Nice throw for a nine year old, but trust me the next time you try something funny kid I promise that I won’t go easy on you. There are things you could never comprehend about Eden. Here your fate can be stolen it is rare but possible and you sadly are the second case.” Jiro said as he face formed a deranged expression Mamoru’s eyes widened as tears formed in his eyes and looked down. Jiro’s expression softened and sighed lightly biting his bottom lip as he kneed down and hugged him. They stood there for a moment neither saying a word til Mamoru broke the silence and ending their brief hug.“What must I do now F-father?” Mamoru asked as he looked at Jiro in the eyes before looking down. Jiro pats his head and gets up he offers Mamoru his hand slowly helping him up. “For now we rest. You can sleep on my bed tomorrow will be a new day.” Jiro said as he yawns sitting on his chair slowly drifting to sleep. Mamoru headed towards the bed it was a large bed with red satin covers and a black metal frame. He clumsily laid on the bed he looked up at the cave’s ceiling and slowly shut his eye it was his first time sleeping on a bed.        

   “Hurry up and get up already!” Jiro said as he tried to wake the boy up. He nudged him and poked him but to no avail. Jiro sighs and looks at the sleeping boy. He looked at ease and for once he actually looked like a nine year old Jiro smiled and sat next to him. His smile turned to a smirk as he screamed in Mamoru’s ear, “Wake up! Wake Up! Wake up!” Mamoru jumped off the bed and landed on the old silk carpet. “What is your problem old man?” Mamoru asked as he softly yawned Jiro smiled and got off the bed and looked down at him. “It’s a new day boy so lets start by-”Jiro says before he is cut off by Mamoru. “Let me guess, we’ll start by training right? No we’re going to buy new armor and stuff right, or maybe we’re going to slay a few demons in the forest.” Mamoru says excitedly as he gets up and puts on his surcoat and armor. “Not quite...” Jiro says as he shakes his head at the boy. “What do you mean by not quite?!” Mamoru exclaimed as he looked up at Jiro.

Jiro pointed to the undone bed and  then at him. “You might be raised by a man but this man has standards and we aren’t doing any of that till that is done.” Jiro said as crossed his arms and looked at Mamoru. The boy looked at the bed then him and tried to fold the satin covers only to end up tearing them apart Jiro gasped and took the sheets away from him. “Oh God kid have you never folded a sheet before?” Jiro asked as he looked at the teared up sheets then at the boy. “Not really just killed stuff.” He said bluntly and smiles Jiro slowly facepalmed and sighed. “This is harder than I thought...” Jiro said as he stared blankly at the boy. “We are far from training for now you shall learn how to do simple chores.” Jiro said in a dramatic voice as he pointed at Mamoru with a sinister voice on his face. Mamoru looked at him and sighed. “Why should I?” He asked Jiro as he layed on the bed slowly drifting back to sleep. “Why… Um… Because I said so. That’s why now get up we have a whole lot ahead of us Mamoru.” Jiro said as he tied a white bandana around the lower part of his face and a white apron around his waist. He put on a pair of bright yellow gloves that reached to his elbow and then looked at Mamoru and smirked.  “Did your mother ever drop you as a child?” Mamoru asked as he looked up from his pillow and started to laugh. “No and my mother loved me very much now why are you laughing?” Jiro asked as he glared at him. “Have you seen yourself you look ridiculous?!” Mamoru asked as he tried to calm himself down.

“For your information this is how a real man looks like and now so will you.” Jiro said as he handed him some gloves, an apron, and a white bandana like his. Mamoru looks at the things in his arms then and his father and growled at him. “There is now way I will wear this accursed attire!” Mamoru says as he folded his arms Jiro smirks as he walks towards the boy. “Are you sure about that?” Jiro asks as his expression darkens Mamoru looked up at him and nervously nods. “You can’t make me!” Mamoru says as he gets up from the bed Jiro smiles and gets his sword and points it at him. “Oh really you don’t think I’d make you?” Jiro asks points the sword closer to his chest Mamoru looked at him and sighed. “Fine you win old man just put that thing away I’m not in the mood for a bloodbath.” He said calmly as he put on the attire. Jiro put away his sword then smiled cheerfully and clapped his hands patting the boy’s head. “See I knew you’d see things my way. Now it’s time to get serious.” Jiro said as his sword was replaced with a mop and he tossed a broom at Mamoru who stumbled to catch it. “What is this, can I use it to kill people?” Mamoru asked as he examined the broom Jiro chuckled and nodded his head. “Yes but for to day it shall be our weapon of choice in our great mission.” Jiro said as he clentched hisfist in the air Mamoru smiled as he held his broom up in the air and looked up at Jiro. “Now that’s what I’m talking about what’s the mission?” The boy asked as his eyes brightened up Jiro looked down at him. “Our mission is…..To clean up this place! Isn’t that great?” Jiro asked smiling brightly at him the boy’s smile ran away from his face to be replaced by a scowl.

Mamoru stayed there and stared blankly at Jiro before he burst with ferocious rage and clenched his trembling fists at his father. “What kind of father raises his child’s expectations only to disappoint them?” Mamoru asked as he looked up at Jiro with flames in his eyes Jiro just ruffled his hair and chuckled. “All of them.” He said bluntly before hitting him in the head with his mop. Mamoru looked at his father with utter confusion in his face then sighed. “Okay then what do we do first?” He asked as he rubbed the top of his head dropping his broom. Jiro shakes his head picking up the broom and handing it to him. “Simple now I shall teach you how to clean.” Jiro says as he gets a bucket and fills it with water from the waterfall and sets it down in front of him and Mamoru. The boy taps the bucket with his foot and looks up at him then at the bucket befuddled. “What is this for?” He asks looking at the bucket Jiro smiles and puts the mop inside the bucket causing water to flow out of the bucket. He gets on his knees and strained the excess water from the mop. “Now watch carefully and learn something for once instead of complain because we both know you’re good at that.” Jiro said as he mopped the floor with delicate strokes before he put the mop back into the bucket and strained the water again Mamoru yawned and laid on the bed. “Yeah, yeah, whatever you say old man.” Mamoru said before falling asleep Jiro kept on mopping the rest of the floor and smiled as he finished and looked at the floor as it glistened in the light.

“See isn’t that easy next time you’re going to do it ok-” Jiro says before he freezes in place seeing Mamoru’s sleeping figure on the bed and glares at him picking up the water bucket. He slowly creeped up on the boy and muttered under his breath, “this’ll show him…” He screams in his ear waking up the boy. He glared at him and noticed the bucket in his hands. “What are you doing with that so close to me old man?” Mamoru asks as he notices him heading closer towards him. “Oh this don’t worry about it…” He said before he splashed the water at him Mamoru dogged it barely missing the water.

Jiro bites his lower lip before hitting the top of the boy’s head with the mop. Mamoru glared at him and he glared back before laughing. “You should have seen the look on your face it was truly priceless. Now next time try to pay attention my time is too precious to be wasted by some childish nap.” Jiro said before flicking the boys nose and looking at the soggy sheets.He muttered a few words under his breath causing the water to disappear Mamoru looked at him in amazement Jiro just shrugged and sat down on the bed. “Well, spit it out now I know I’m intimidating, but that shouldn’t prevent you from speaking to me.” Jiro said folding his arms around his jest Mamoru threw his broom at him then his gloves and apron. “If you can wield magic then why did you make me go threw all that?” He asked trying to suppress his growing anger Jiro took off his bandana and smiled. “It’s simple because I can.” He said as he took off his clothes and put on his armor Mamoru threw the bucket at Jiro aiming for the back of his head. Jiro smirks and catches the bucket and throws it right back at him and smirks. “Good throw but not good enough.” He said with a smirk on his face.

Mamoru rolled his eyes as he handed him the old bucket and headed towards the cave’s entrance and looked back at him. His face seemed to be frozen in time as he looked at the water rush down the fall. He reached for the water nervously before feeling it flow through his fingers and shuddered at the sudden rush. Jiro walked towards him and patted his head looking at the falls water. They stood their together in complete and utter silence Jiro looked down at Mamoru who focused on the water streaming down his hand smiling faintly. Jiro stared at him in shock and pinched his cheeks. “T-that was...adorable I didn’t know you were capable of actually smiling! Come on smile do it for Papa come on smile! Smile! Smile!” Jiro squealed as he kept on pinching his pale cheek turning them to a bright red. Mamoru glared at him and placed his hands on his arms struggling to break himself free from Jiro’s merciless hands looking away trying to hide his flushed expression. Jiro sighed and gently pouted as he kept on pestering the boy. Mamoru turned and looked up at his father blushing madly as he tried to forge a smile on his face.

Jiro gasped and hugged Mamoru growled under his breath as he tried to push him away. “What are you doing?” Mamoru asked as he kept on struggling to break free Jiro looked at him confused. “I’m hugging you. You know what a hug is right?” Jiro asked letting him go. “No I’ve never heard of this ‘hug’ thing but I don’t like it.” Mamoru replied as he looked at Jiro, he smiled and ruffled his hair. “Now we clean!” Jiro declared as he put on his cleaning garments once more Mamoru sighs getting dressed. Jiro sits on the bed waiting for him reading a book. Mamoru looks at the book written in letters he had never seen before and tries to figure out what he could be reading. “More changing less snooping Mamoru that’s creepy. Are you ready yet?” He asked as he took out a scroll and a black pen putting the book away. He wrote something swiftly and glanced at the boy before rolling up the scroll and putting it away, and rested the pen on his left ear. The boy finished and reached for the broom Jiro stopped him and took the broom from him. Mamoru bit his lower lip as he tapped his foot lightly leaning against the cave’s wall. Jiro smiled at him and then pointed at him then the broom. He looked at his father as he began to broom the floor he kept his eyes on the broom and then at Jiro.
Jiro smirked and kept brooming before stopping in front of him. He held out the broom in front of him and smiled brightly at him. Mamoru looked at him then the broom and grabbed it. He began to broom the rest of the floor and Jiro stood there and watched. He unrolling the scroll and took the pen off his ear and quickly crossed something out before rolling it back up again and putting the pen back on his ear. The boy finished sweeping then looked up at Jiro who was reading the book again. “I’m done Jiro what do I do now?” he asked him as he put the broom down and took off his cleaning clothes. Jiro looked up from his book then looked at the floor his eyes landed on the pile of dirt next to the cave’s entrance and sighed as he got up and picked up the broom. He grabbed a dustpan and cleaned up the dirt he chanted a few words under his breath and the dust turned to diamonds. Mamoru stared at him in shock and Jiro looked up at him. “You’re supposed to clean up the dirt when you're done. What’s with the face have you never met an alchemist before?” Jiro asked the boy as he put the diamonds in his pocket the boy nodded his head slowly and Jiro laughed. “It’s easy any First Class Demon or Elder can do it I just happen to be both,” he says as he plays with one of the diamond with his fingers.
The Nameless
Just a short story I'm writing what do you think? Leave a comment if you want me to keep working on it or what you think of it.
Coffee and Manuscripts

The scene the same as always
A room for two and books, books, and nothing but books scattered.
No trace of the light blue carpet that covers the paint splattered floor.

Manuscripts, yes, Manuscripts one after another cover the plush gray bed.
A run of the mill girl in her world slaving away for what?
Fame? Fortune? Attention? What?
Who knows anymore she’s too far gone to remember.

She waits for something….
An idea? A miracle? A sign?
Nope just another cup of coffee.

She leaves her domain to foreign territory
The kitchen avoiding her mother’s harsh ridicule, and her brother’s shameless profanity
A sigh escapes her slightly chapped lips her escape could only last so long

Back to her dimension of hard covered books and coffee stained manuscripts.
Typing on faded letter one after another forming words
Words of hate, words of love, words of scorn…..
And words of dreams trapped in her heart that will never come true

She stops to take a sip of her caffeine salvation before slipping back to typing
Her mind trapped in a den of her dreams
She knew a funny thing about dreams
They shatter, crumble, and dissolve to what?
Reality? Nothing? What?

So many questions swirling through her mind but her mind goes to a halts
What could it be?
Her cup is empty…

She ventures out again to reality for a brief moment to retain her precious fuel
Her world is an abyss, heart gone astray, emotions hallucinatory
Forsaken to a life of bittersweet coffee, dilapidated manuscripts and razor-sharp pencils…

No she wasn’t alone she had him
The gentle voice in her head, the beating in her heart, he was there
He cheered her on, helped her when she was stuck, and made her coffee.

He is everywhere surveying her, caring for her, and keeping her sane
He is her coffee, her mother’s smirk, her brothers mockery
He is her friend, her companion, her coffee
He is God…
Wow haven't posted hello world or anyone who cares. Well got to go mangas don't create themselves you know. :D
Marika by Lover-of-the-Rose
Maria is a new OC of mine hoping to work on this character more.


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Marizza Rosa
United States
I don't draw I mainly view ask for request and write stories.I'm a manga and anime lover mainly Inuyasha and Sailor Moon so if you have questions I'm your girl.My profile picture isn't mine just a drawing from one of my Favorited artist JenNeji you guys should really see some of these galleys.

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